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API Anti Corrosion VCI Bags

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Anti-Corrosion Bag with Velcro Closure

These bags are designed to protect your firearms and/or ammunition from the elements. Available in various sizes, the API Anti-Corrosion Bags use VCI technology to coat the surrounding area around your items with an anti-corrosion vapor, preventing oxidization of the metal on your contents. The .50 and .30 Cal Ammo Can liners have an airtight/watertight seal with a gusseted flat bottom to maximize storage capacity of your ammo can.  Shipping Included in Price.

Pistol Bag  11" x 15", Velcro Closure

Shotgun Bag 11" x 54", Velcro Closure

Tactical Rifle  14" x 49", Velcro Closure

.30 Cal Liner  , Zip Closure

.50 Cal Liner  , Zip Closure



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