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MonoVault VCI Liners

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These gusseted bags perform as a secondary barrier for your MonoVault. These MonoVault Liners are monster bags that fit the entire contents of your MonoVault. Drop it in, fill it up, press the Velcro closure together, and tuck in the top. The MonoVault VCI Liner Bags also make great bulk storage bags for the bottom of a larger MonoVault.
These Liners use the same BluGuard® VCI technology as our BluGuard® rifle, shotgun, and pistol bags.
Using 5 gallon buckets for above grade storage? The MonoVault VCI Liner Bag for the 212s works great!
Pricing varies from $25.00 for a MonoVault model 107s up to $38.00 for the monster 248s MonoVault.
note: photo shows a 212 Vault Liner in a 212s MonoVault (MonoVault sold separately).



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