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2 Gallon F-Style Jug

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2-gallon plastic F-style jugs with cap. Dimensions: 9" x 6" x 12". Opening is approximately 2.25". Cap is a 63mm (industry size 63/485) with a double polyethylene (PE) foam seal (gasket). The first seal is pressure sensitive and will adhere to the jug staying behind when the cap is removed. The second seal (Sure Seal) is behind the 1st seal within the cap and does not adhere to the jug. After initial use the first seal can be removed from the jug and discarded. The cap can then be re-used relying on the non-adhering Sure Seal for closure.

  • 2 gal. plastic jug, BPA free Food-grade Plastic
  • 63mm (industry size: 63/485) cap with pressure sensitive 1st seal and reusable 2nd seal
  • Easy carry handle
  • 1/2 gallon markings
  • Made in the USA



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