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2 Gallon Screw-top Bucket

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This is a screw top Life-Latch bucket with a capacity of 2 gallons. O-ring gasket seals to the top of the rim. Bucket is threaded on the outside of the upper portion. Pour contents without the contents flowing over the threads. The ratchet sounds nice and does serve some purpose to prevent unintentional opening. However, we would like the bucket even without the ratchet. The lid tightens snugly with just the gasket. The lid is recessed to allow for stacking. Approximate assembled height is 8.75 - 8.85" with a lid diameter of about 11.75". The base of the bucket measures about 9.3" in diameter. The height of the bucket without the lid is about 8". The inside diameter of the top of the open bucket is about 10.0". The bucket is tapered. The plastic handle has stops to hold the handle horizontal for convenience. The handle can also be moved beyond the stops to hang down along the wall of the bucket.

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