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5 Gallon Bucket with Twister Lid

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High Quality buckets and easy access lids!

Better Built Buckets

Our buckets are a bit sturdier than the industry standard of 70 mil wall thickness. At 90 mil, our buckets can handle more weight in content and can be handled rougher for more rugged applications.

Not only are our buckets thicker built, but we also carry them in 11 different colors!

The Twister Lid

The Twister Lid is a handy solution for your every day needs. Carry your fruit from your garden to your kitchen, your compost from your house to your garden. Pour your bulk ingredients in and close the lid until you need them again. Transport all your tennis balls in one container for your afternoon on the court. Store your cat food for convenient access.

Each lid has a gasket that seats on the rim of the bucket and an o-ring around the lid that seats on the ring of lid to provide some more protection for your contents.

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