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2.5 Gallon Ice Cream Tub

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These tubs are commonly used for ice cream.  They have an attractive glossy finish and a small radius on the lower edge.  Tubs for these applications tend to be light weight.  While not as heavy as our buckets they are not as flimsy as we might otherwise expect.  Though they are not marked with a wall thickness, we measure the wall thickness at about 50 mil.  Capacity is marked both as 9.5 Liters and 2.5 Gallons.  High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).  The lid snaps on with a nice fit.  The recess in the op of the lid serves to accommodate the bottom of another tube and allows for stacking within reason.  The tub and lid together weigh about 0.78 lbs (about 12 1/2 oz).  Height is about 10.5" with the lid installed.  The diameter of the base is about 8.4" on the outside.  The diameter of the outside of the rim of the tub (without the lid) is about 9.7".  The outside diameter of the lid is about 9.75".

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